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Tecniforte Speaker Cable



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Stack Cable (These Cables Are Designed Specifically For Amp Head To Cabinet Quality Signal)

Technicians from the band Sepultura asked us for a cable to connect the cabinets to the head because they were having trouble with the cables that they were using before using Tecniforte cable.

With a twisted-pair construction that eliminates interference and hissing, G & H plugs and encapsulation process developed by TECNIFORTE, STACK cables are the best connection for your equipment.

As a result of their sound and reliability, we partnered with Meteoro Amplifiers, all of the amplifiers from Meteoro that are using a stack system now come with Tecniforte cable for a superior sound quality and reliability.

These cables come with a 10 year Warranty but if the cables should be defective under normal wear will be replaced at no charge during this time. These cables are built to last a lifetime and are virtually indestructable under normal conditions so they should never wear out or have to be returned! They are by far the best technology in cable building with the special encapsulated plug technology that allows no corrosion, airtight sealing of the connections.